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Denpro | Denpro – CAD CAM Dental products

Denpro | Denpro – CAD CAM Dental products

Aprašymas: Denpro – CAD CAM Dental products, 3D scanners and printers.

Raktažodžiai:   3D printer, 3D scanner, CAD-CAM dental products

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Scanners Special Offer for Dental Laboratories These industry-leading scanners scan physical models to produce digital data used to produce the final cast or machined crowns, bridges or other dental prosthetics. Denpro integrates these dental scanners as one part of a complete, open-architecture manufacturing system that provides you with a turnkey manufacturing system. 3D Systems Printing Special offer for Dentists and Dental technicians Most productive, highest  capacity dental CAD/CAM printers. News New TRIOS 3D scanning solutions UAB “DENPRO” / V. Mykolaičio – Putino str. 10-44, Vilnius, Lithuania / m. +370 630 07 879 / e [..]


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