Clinical Research Organization – Contract Research Organization |

Clinical Research Organization – Contract Research Organization |

Aprašymas: PAREXEL Informatics has technological innovations that make the process faster, more precise, more trackable, and more productive.

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Experience For over 30 years we have helped our clients get their new and innovative drug treatments into the hands of those who need them most by simplifying the journey to market. We are committed to solving problems before they arise, to making the process smarter and more efficient, and to being a true partner to our clients, in every sense.Watch our new video Solutions You create your new discovery to treat today’s worst medical conditions. PAREXEL has the oncology, CNS, cardiovascular, respiratory, and other medical expertise you need in a partner. Journey If your journey needs a custom route, we respond with partnered solutions like our BioPharm Unit, Strategic Partnerships, Dĭng Huī, and Functional Services Teams to spur real world action. PAREXEL has some of the most experienced, most talented minds worldwide finding solutions to keep our biopharmaceuticals and medical device clients on course from beginning to end. A global footprint is common in [..]

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